About Our Team

CF Whiteboard is all about helping people get better and be more informed with their health and fitness. We want out solutions to aid athletes and coaches in identifying improvements and improvement areas in real time. Knowledge is a very powerful thing and when a person doesn't see improvement on the scale, the barbell or the time taken for a workout, they need to be informed so that they can make adjustments. We aim to inform and empower.

Michael Brandt

I’m an avid cross functional fitness guy that spent 20 years in corporate America developing and selling software for HR. In the past 3 years, fitness has changed my life. I got into CrossFit 3 years ago at CrossFit Ocean Beach in San Diego and i’ve been hooked ever since. So much so that I invested in buying CF Whiteboard so I could contribute more to the fitness industry.

Chris Wing

Chris┬áspent the last 5 years in the HR software space and over a decade managing restaurants before that. Chris’s go to for fitness has always been basketball. You’ll never see Chris turn down a chance to join a pickup game.


Mascot (aka Big Worm)
Chunk is the office mascot. He doesn’t do a lot of conditioning work, but he’ll run you over like your pins in a bowling alley.

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